Monday, August 20, 2012

TrackTactics with Melissa Paris

May 12, TrackTactics coach for Level 1 was, none other than Melissa Paris.  Now we all know who Melissa Paris is and of course I had to get as much coaching as I could from her.  Learned new lines around turns to keep more of the tire on the ground so acceleration is sooner.  Seemed to work well, course I'm not a big leaner or knee dragger so it was easy for me to use this method.  Also, had a lesson in body positioning by Chris Peris.  Again, very useful infomation, such as what to do with your foot when your knee is out and you're in the middle of the turn.  Always seemed quite awkward to me, but he said your foot actually comes off the peg and is on the outside of the peg.  Hard for me to describe but it actually takes the "where do I put my foot?" while attempting to turn issue away.

It was another awesome track day with TrackTactics and we will be doing it again Labor Day weekend at Autoclub Speedway in So. CA.   Chris Peris will again be doing two up rides and maybe I'll just have to do it again.  Hopefully there will be pictures of the ride, maybe even in a turn with some lean angle. 

See you at the track. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Woo hoo, that's me with Chris Peris for a two up ride at the TrackTactics trackday.  It was awesome, probably felt faster that it really was but it was still faster that I will probably ever go.  It's a good thing we hauled the tires for TrackTactics because we ended up buying one after Mel ran over a piece of chain link fence.  He almost crashed but managed to hang on, thank goodness.  Now he has a Dunlop GPA, very nice tire.  All in all it was a great day, we got to use one of the garages which is nice cuz you don't have to sit in the hot trailer.  Also we met a very nice couple, Gary and Nancy from Marina Del Rey.  She is a retired racer and quite an inspiration.  Of course, I will never be a racer, a little passed the racer age, but still it's nice to meet women that ride and ride/rode for real.  We will be at the track in Pahrump with TrackXperience on June 3 with my nephews Nick and Lowell.  Probably be hot but it will be fun.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Rode much better this time at Spring Mountain Motor Sports with Take it 2 the Track.  There was an extra addition added to the track which was quite an improvement.  Had a great time and felt like I rode well enough to even be on the track.  Off to Auto Club Speedway tomorrow for a track day with TrackTactics on Saturday, May 12.  There's gonna be some big shots at the track, AMA pro riders: Chris Peris, Jake Zemke and Cory West.  I'm excited!  Got a call today from Brock with TrackTactics, they need some tires hauled to the track.  Not a problem, since were going anyway and I'm going to get a free track day just for doing it.  What a deal!  Mel (hubby) has transformed the extra 2008 CBR1000 that we have into his to track bike.  Changed the pipe to a Danmoto Carbon Fiber GP, changed the tires to Dunlop Q2's, changed the plastics out so as not to wreck the original ones in case of an oops.  Also, changed the front sprocket to -1, added a Z-Bomb (retard eliminator) and RaceTech fork springs.  Supposed to give his 160 hp at rear wheel, guess he's looking to fly.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Went to the track with TrackXperience on the 25th of March but somehow I never ride fast enough. I have pretty good lines around the track but need to go FASTER cuz I kinda look like a wus. Check out my hubby, he rides fast, drags his knee and all the stuff I don't do. Next track day is in Pahrump again on April 29 and I plan to ride like the wind or at least not a slow breeze. This track day is with Take it to the Track (TI2TT). After that we are off to AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, CA. This is on May 12, with TrackTactics. Good times!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I haven't posted for one whole year. Not a very good blogger but it is a new year and it's time to get ready for all the 2012 track days. My first one is with TrackXperience on March 25 at Spring Mountain in Pahrump. Time to get in shape so I can wear my new Technic leathers. Yeah baby, excited and ready to go.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Awhile back I decided the YZ450F is just too hard to kick start so we made a trek to Phoenix to Apache Motorcycles to purchase a YZ250F. This bike is much more my speed, I can actually climb up on it and kick start it myself. Kind of an important skill when you're standing in the middle of no where and need to start your bike. So, yahoo, I am now a happier dirt bike rider. Not completely happy because I still prefer the street.
Check out Apache Motorcycles, their prices are excellent and the service is even better. It's worth the drive to Phoenix to not have to deal with the Las Vegas motorcycle dealers. Not mentioning any names, Ride Now Power Sports, is not for me.
Anyway, I'll be out trying to make friends with dirt bike riding and trying to win over the bumpy roads. Otherwise I will have to stick to the street or better yet the track.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Motorcycle Comparison

I have used my Google Docs spreadsheet to make a comparison chart for motorcycle engines. Please visit and test it out. If you don't know the engine size and horsepower just fill in the motorcycle manufacturer and type and I will add the other information.